We now offer scanning (digitization) of large plans/maps or pictures up to 36 inches wide by almost any length.

                     All final images can be Colour, Grayscale or Black/White and resolution of 100 to 600 dpi.

                                                                       Saved images can be PDF, TIFF, BMP or JPEG.
Data Entry:
Automated at time of scanning;
 Barcode information on printed documents (Invoices, Orders and Forms) can be digitized and automatically, sorted and directed to multiple pre-designated folders.

Printed Information such as Names, Numbers, Address and Postal Codes can be OCR' d (Optical Character Recognized) by a defined Zoneal area and also sorted and saved in predesignated folders.
Manual Data Entry;
For documents that have hand written information (generally older documents) can also benefit by doing manual key stroke data entry. We have multiple staff that will rename scanned documents, files and folders so that they can be inserted into your moderen database for fast and easy retreviel.