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Digitizing Paper documents to electronic images.

Paper or Image?

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Document Scanning
Our high speed document scanners have auto feed trays for 200 pages. Double feed detection insures that all pages get scanned, so no skipped pages. Images are saved as B/W, Grayscale or Color as required in the format of your preference. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) optional and indexing per your present system
Book Scanning
Here we offer two methods for scanning Books or Ledgers.
The lowest cost method is to remove the front and back covers, cut the binding then do the scanning. We can have the complete book rebound to original or better condition if required.
Book Scanning non-destructive
For this method we have a Minolta overhead scanner that allows for open face scanning of single or double pages without harming the original.
Scanned images are availabe as B/W or Grayscale.
This is a more manual operation and so may be more costly.
We offer a No Charge
No Obligation
Site Visit.
We strive to deliver the best in high quality, low-priced data scanning to electronic images
  On Site scanning is available
Large Format Scanning
             DATA ENTRY
  Automated by Barcode
        or OCR Zoneal.
  Manual by zone selection